3 Alternative Septic Tanks for Difficult Topography

septic tank installation

There are several reasons why your municipality may not allow you to use a typical septic tank system. The most common of these is if various positions of the site you want to install the septic tank fail to pass percolation tests.

Also, building regulations require you to use alternative engineered septic systems on environmentally challenging places, such as in waterfronts, to reduce pollution into adjacent water bodies.

The Mound System

Where the soil in the location you are to set up the septic system is dense, shallow or waterlogged, it is crucial you use the mound system for your septic tanks. This system is similar to typical septic tank designs only that it has a raised leach field.

It is a cheaper alternative when it will cost you more to prepare the site in which the septic system is to sit. Check with you septic solutions provider to confirm which design of mound-type septic tanks will best suit your location.

Power Free Systems

Typical installs use power-run mechanical pumps to facilitate aeration in the septic tank. Instead, you can opt for natural aerating methods to treat the wastewater to reduce your over reliance on power to keep the septic tank functional.

That, however, will also require careful examination of the factors that will enhance the continuity of the entire septic system, with minimal maintenance.

Natural Recycling Mechanisms

A septic tank alternative that uses natural recycling techniques is economical and safe for the environment. These mechanisms do not require mechanical processes to break down or decompose the wastewater.

For the best results, it is crucial you install such septic systems in ways that will simulate a natural ecosystem to facilitate the wastewater breakdown and treatment processes.

Typically, the initial cost of installing an alternative septic system is high, to cover the expense of highly-engineered equipment and specialised installation. The overall cost is however low in the long run as these alternative wastewater management solutions require minimal monitoring.