3 Basic Farm Equipment That Every Farmer Must Have

Plow in the field

Whether you deal in large or small-scale farming, there are many heavy farm machines your day-to-day operations will likely need. Thanks to technological advancements, the machinery available today are powerful, enabling farmers to improve their productivity and meet their profit goals with ease.

When shopping for farm equipment from Australian suppliers, you need to focus on finding machines that perform desired tasks with both efficiency and simplicity. Consider the features of the equipment you need and also browse through their user manuals.

Below are some basic heavy machines every farmer must own:


One of the most vital pieces of farming equipment is a tractor. It is useful for all sorts of agricultural undertakings and any farmer that is worth the salt should have at least one tractor. You get the option of choosing the size and model of the equipment you need, and the best part is that you could also get a whole array of attachments to make your machine an outstandingly versatile and advantageous tool.

Plows and Tillers

Plows and planters are also used for planting, though their functions are slightly different. Depending on your farming scale, you could choose to either fix a commercial grade plough or use small tillers that are push-operated on your small garden.

Whether you decide to use ploughs or tillers, you’re assured of a simplified mean of preparing the ground for seeding. Keep in mind that a superb preparation process would leave the soil with the needed moisture, air, and space for your crops to thrive.


This type of equipment is also essential. Again, they are attached to tractors and their design enables them to spread planting material effectively as well as fertiliser over the garden. You could also use them for treatments necessary for boosting the growth of your plants.

Before money changes hands, affirm that your investment could indeed set you up for farming success.