4 Reasons People are in Love with Self-Bunded Fuel Tanks

Fuel being poured out

If you have recently been on the market for a fuel storage solution for your company, you may have heard about bunded fuel tanks. These double-walled fuel storage tanks have been getting more popular over the years.

Here are four reasons most people looking for fuel tanks often choose a self-bunded diesel tank.

It complies with legislation

Every state has certain requirements that people looking to store fuel in bulk must comply with. These standards are meant to ensure the safety of the environment and the people. Failure to observe these regulations can result in huge fines. Self-bunded tanks are built in strict adherence to state-provided standards.

You get to save on costs

Setting up a self-bunded fuel tank is more affordable than installing a single-walled tank and adding a bund. That is because this type of tank comes with a containment system that is built in; therefore, you do not need to get a civil engineer to build an external bund. In the end, you get to spend only about half of what you would have spent on a single-walled bund.

A self-bunded tank offers flexibility

Once you buy a self-bunded fuel tank, you can start using it immediately. If you have bought the smaller portable options, you can move them from place to place in accordance with your worksite requirements. Portability likewise means you can refuel the tank near the worksite, which helps you save money.

There is increased security

Self-bunded fuel tanks provide a top-level, built-in security. These come with a lockable hatch on all access points. When you are not using the tank, you secure the hatch with a heavy padlock to keep unauthorised personnel from accessing your fuel.

The popularity of self-bunded tanks looks set to continue well in the future. With all the benefits that these tanks have, both for the business and the environment, it is easy to see why.