4 Space Saving Alternatives for Your Ordinary Doors

Modern Sliding Barn DoorIf you are like most people, you can always do with a little more space in your house. A good way to do that is by replacing your ordinary hinge doors with other space-saving alternatives.

Here are four best replacements for your swinging doors.

Install a sliding door

The popularity of glass sliding doors here in Melbourne is due to their many advantages when compared to hinged doors. One of those benefits is their ability to save space. These doors are designed to glide along a track rather than swing open.

For that reason, you will save the space you would have used for an ordinary door.

Opt for a curtain

You can opt to take your ordinary door down and hang a curtain instead. Simply install a tension rod or any other curtain hanging hardware, and you are good to go. A curtain allows you to arrange furniture around the door opening without a door getting in the way.

While a curtain will not provide the same sound blocking advantages that a door does, you get to save lots of space.

Choose a pocket door

Like a sliding door, a pocket door operates without hinges, saving you acres of space in your house. If you have the equipment and the skills, this is a project you can easily do yourself. Besides saving space, a pocket door also provides some impressive noise blocking qualities, something that a curtain does not.

Do without a door

There is nothing that says you must replace a door with anything once you have taken it down. Older houses typically have doors in places that people do not really need, like the hallway. Opting to remove the door completely saves you a lot of space without compromising the appearance or functionality of your home.

There is always something you can do to add more space to your house. Replacing or removing your standard door is a good way to do so.