5 Tips When Packaging Your Products

A set of product packages

The way you package your product tells a lot about your business. Here are some tips to boost your reputation with great product packaging:

Keep it Minimal

Keep the packaging minimal by supplying only the exact carton size for the product. You can invest in packaging machines to make this possible, allowing you to use only the materials you need for packing. The upside is that you won’t spend much on the carton and you help your client save on the shipping fee.

Be Upfront About the Product

Pack your product in a way that it’s easy to figure out what’s inside and what it would be used for. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, you might be selling sex toys or items that people don’t want to be made known to everyone. If this is the case, offer an option for ‘stealth’ when it comes to deliveries.

Customize the Packaging with Useful Information

Place your logo on the packaging, but don’t go overboard. Add some information that the client will find useful such as instructions, links to your social media accounts, and QR code bonuses that they can scan.

Don’t Forget to Go Creative

Of course, don’t forget to add a bit of creativity to the whole thing. Create a package that grabs the attention of a person in the aisle. For example, Japanese packaging often incorporate a touch of anime, kimono, or cherry blossoms in their designs to make it more attractive. There’s no limit to the way you can package your product provided that it ticks off the tips above.


You can also create packaging that also works as a storage compartment for your product. A good example would be the case that timepieces usually come in.

Want to send a message along with your packing boxes? Follow these above-mentioned tips and grab your client’s attention.