6 Reasons Why Stair Lifts Improve Independent Living

Stair lift in the background of senior and nurse

Elderly and disabled people might find it difficult to get around their home without assistance. You might want to consider installing a stair lift. Stairlifts let those having difficulty climbing stairs access the whole house without straining the resident.

Advancing years or health conditions bring with them health problems which make going up and down stairs challenging. For those that would want to live without personal helpers, stair lifts provide you additional mobility inside the house. You could have a stair lift installed by a local supplier in Milwaukee.

Stair Lifts Reduce Pain

Arthritis and other bone conditions cause pain when descending stairs. With a stair lift, they don’t have to. With the use of a joystick, they could descend and ascend stairs without discomfort. Milwaukee Stairlift also agrees that stairlifts are great to use post-operation to prevent stressing the body.

Stair Lifts Provide Security

Stairlifts prevent falling from stairs – the biggest reason why seniors visit the Emergency Room. Lifts could also be fitted with a seat belt for added security.

Stair Lifts Could be Used to Transport Items

Stairlifts could also be used to move personal items up and down the stairs, such as laundry, vacuum cleaners or children’s toys that need to be tidied away.

Stair Lifts Have a Battery Reserve for Emergencies

If there is a power cut, the user will not have to worry about how to get downstairs because stairlifts could operate with reserve batteries. Battery reserves could last for multiple trips upstairs, and with careful planning, they could last until power is restored.

Stair Lifts Come in Different Varieties

Some lifts are for ambulatory people, others are designed for wheelchair users, and some are 2-person lifts for a disabled person and their personal assistant.

Stair Lifts are Remote Controlled

Stair lifts could be activated by remote control which more than one person could use one. If one person has gone upstairs and the other person is downstairs, they could summon the lift with the remote. You should keep children from riding the stair lift carelessly. This could injure them and damage the lift.

Stair lifts offer many great features and convenience. Apart from straight stair lifts, you could even have a custom curved lift made for your home, and you could even install one for outdoor use.