6 Ways to Maximise Retail Space

Colorful Shelves

Retail space is not particularly cheap and making the most of the area you have can help in the success of your business venture. Here are some low-cost design ideas to upgrade your store interiors as well as to maximise the space you have.

Paint an Accent Wall

You can use colour to create the illusion of space and transform your customers’ perception of the retail area. Bold-coloured walls not only spice up the interiors but also make the room appear larger than it actually is.

Create Window-Like Effects

Cutting window-shaped holes between rooms can create an airy feel. Hanging tall, skinny mirrors on the walls also create an illusion of a bigger space.

Vertical Displays

Putting your items on display at various levels not only maximises space, it likewise creates visual appeal for your customers. A wall mounted display or hanging shelving is an easy way to create this effect. You can also try installing drapes from the ceiling to the floor to draw the eyes up and create a sense of larger space.

Avoid a Cluttered Look

You can add more merchandise and look less cluttered by opting for neutral colours for your furniture and display items. Also, try not to crowd your items or position them too closely together; it is better to make your display look elegant by allocating some space between your merchandise.

Use Alternative Display Fixtures and Dividers

As effective as shelves are at maximising an area, there are other creative ways to display your products and still save space. Try repurposing an old ornate frame into a cork board to pin your smaller items. For dividers, use open bookcases to create sections in your store and at the same time display your products.

Use the Appropriate Lighting

Lighting is very important, especially in small shops. You can use a variety and combination of lights from lamps, sconces and picture lights. Not only will your store be well lit, but you add flair and ambience to your shop.

Careful planning and design of a store are important to making the most of the small area that you have. By following these tips, you’ll create the illusion of a larger space without breaking the bank.