Addressing Fatigue: A Purchase Guide

Man smiling and relaxed at work

Spending a huge chunk of time in your workplace can have negative effects on your body and overall health. This is true especially when your line of work is more on the physical side, or it is labour-intensive.

To make sure that you keep your health in check, having the right working environment and working gear is essential.

Therefore, for people like chefs and cooks who spend their time standing in the kitchen whipping up sumptuous meals, experts recommend using custom anti-fatigue kitchen mats.

But finding the right type of anti-fatigue mat is not easy. Here are some things worth remembering before making your purchase.


Because different work fields require standing for a long period, different types of anti-fatigue mats you can have customised depending on the area of work. Thus, those working in the factory, store cashiers and even for residential purposes have different types of anti-fatigue mats than those who are working in the kitchen.

Flooring type

It is also important to know and keep your floor type into consideration. Because you will place the mats on the floor, your body’s reaction to the mat set on a particular kind of flooring will be affected by it.


Mats have to adhere to the different thickness and density regulations depending on its purpose. Thus, before making a purchase, do thorough research to know whether your choice of mats will. Also, keep in mind the materials used to make the mat. You should always consider the quality and durability.


Like your mats at home, your choice of workplace mats should also be easily maintained and cleaned. Hygiene is a must in every workplace. Finding an anti-fatigue mat that will not only do its job of supporting the back and legs but is also easy to maintain is always a good choice.

Now that you know these four points, choosing the type of anti-fatigue mats to purchase is easier.