Australian Interior Design Awards Accepts Entries for 2018 Honours

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The Australian Interior Design Awards will accept nominees for the Awards for Australian Interior Design and the Award for Interior Design Impact honours until Feb. 16, 2018.

The group has opened its request for entries in November 2017 ahead of its 15th anniversary celebration next year. It enlisted eight members for the panel of judges, who are all well-known in the field of interior design and architecture.

Recognising Best Practices

The winning entry for the Awards for Australian Interior Design will reflect best practices in several fields, including the design and decoration of residential properties.

The awards system did not limit the scope of qualified nominees, as interior work on homes with minimalist design as simple as a set of sliding cavity doors may qualify as an entry.

Project developers in the hospitality and retail sectors may also submit their applications. On the other hand, the Award for Interior Design Impact recognition will honour a project’s “business, social, human resource, environmental and cultural” influence.

The event’s organisers expect the contest to receive a strong response from the sector after the 2017 edition attracted a record high of 525 entries.

Sustainable Housing

The concept of interior design for homes has evolved to include the idea of sustainability. In New South Wales, for instance, a partnership between UOW students in the Wollongong and Dubai aims to use sustainable design to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens.

The Desert Rose house will provide its residents, particularly those with dementia, with a conducive place for spending their twilight years. Project manager Clayton McDowell said that relieving stress serves as one of the home design’s several purposes.


Interior design awards in Australia not only give credit to outstanding projects but also promote the importance of good architectural work to improve the living experience in residential buildings.