Benefits of the digital age

digital x-ray

Modern dentistry makes use of the latest technology to provide quicker, easier treatments. The local dentist in Southampton could have a CT scanner, 3D imaging suite, CEREC restoration and digital x-ray machine hidden away in their consulting room.

For anyone looking for a dental treatment, it’s worthconsidering the equipment that the dentist in Southampton has at their disposal. Technology for the sake of it isn’t the aim here. A wise patient will look for a practice, such as Smilemakers, that uses technology to enhance the patient experience and provide more effective treatment. Ultimately, this could make going to the dentist in Southampton a more relaxing experience.

What’s it for?

This is some of the technology that may be on offer at a contemporary dental practice and what it does:

  • CT scanner – gives a 3D image of the teeth, jaw and gums. It’s used for planning surgery such as the precise placement of dental implants;
  • Digital x-ray – unlike with traditional x-rays, images can be instantly relayed to a computer for viewing and the radiation dose is significantly reduced. Digital x-rays can also be stored electronically to give the dentist alasting, accurate record of a patient’s teeth;
  • 3D imaging software –used to create virtual treatment plans that show the outcome of procedure,such as teeth-straightening with Invisalign, before it starts;
  • CEREC restoration – a CEREC machine creates replacement crowns while the patient is in the dental chair. This cuts down on the number of appointments needed to restore a lost tooth;
  • The Wand – this is a computer-guided injection system that controls the flow of anaesthetic, avoiding that painful bee-sting feeling that happens when anaesthesia is injected into a patient’s mouth due to the rush of fluid into a small area. The Wand also offers greater precision than a regular needleso only the injection site is affected, rather than the whole mouth.

The patient experience

Another area the dentist in Southampton may use technology to beneficial effect is during customer service. Some practices text or email appointment reminders. Others may have plasma TV screens in reception to help patients pass the time while waiting for their appointmentor free WIFI so they can keep up with emails or browse the net.