Benefits of Using Rainwater at Home

Rainwater and how to save money with it

Not every area always has access to clean water. Having slimline rainwater tanks in homes is a great way to conserve such a precious resource. But in what situations can you use rainwater? Here are a few of its benefits and what you can do to maximise it.

Washing Clothes

One of the best and most practical ways to use rainwater is through clothes washing. Using rainwater to wash your clothes can help save a huge volume of water for the entire year. It means that you don’t have to spend a hefty amount on water bills to do your basic chores such as washing clothes.


Another purpose of rainwater is garden watering. Bear in mind that gardening consumes a high volume of water especially during the warmer months of the entire year. You can only use rainwater if you have an overflow during the wet months.

Flushing the Toilet

Another practical way of using rainwater is by using it to flush the toilet. Using rainwater can save at least 9 tons of water per person each year. This is best for people living in an area where there’s constant heavy rainfall since it’s an ideal alternative to flush the toilet using clean water.

Washing Cars and Windows

Since rainwater does not contain calcium, lime, and chlorine, it can also be a great option for washing your car. Since rainwater doesn’t contain any harsh minerals, it won’t cause any damages to your windows or even your car’s paint.

These are a few the most common benefits of using rainwater. Not only does it help you save money for the entire year, but it also helps to conserve the precious water that we all share.