Can Braces Be Really Invisible?

Getting braces might not be a pleasant idea for many people, but modern cosmetic dentistry offers more types of braces than ever before. Patients who are conscious about their smile but do not wish to exhibit a ‘metal mouth’, may wish to consider Invisalign.

Braces have been used in dentistry for many years, primarily for straightening crowded and misaligned teeth or to improve bite problems. Although most of these conditions can be diagnosed and fixed during childhood, an increasing number of adults are turning to Invisalign in Glasgow to correct their dental issues. This treatment is available in a few certified dental practices, including Park Orthodontics. As opposed to children, who are less likely to be conscious about their appearance, adults are usually discouraged by the look of traditional braces. Invisalign solves the problem of aesthetics.

How do invisible braces work?

Invisalign in Glasgow is a type of invisible braces treatment consisting of a series of custom-made, mouth guard-shaped, clear, plastic aligners. Invisible braces are removable for eating and drinking and they are changed approximately every 7-10 days, and each new aligner takes the adjustment of the teeth one step further.

Regular visits to the dentist are involved to ensure that each patient’s teeth progress is monitored and that they feel as comfortable as possible with the treatment. A treatment involving invisible braces may last between six months to a year depending on the extent of the problem and how frequently patients wear their aligners. Invisalign aligners can also be used after the treatment for maintenance purposes.

Are invisible braces for everyone?

Invisalign invisible braces may not work for very serious dental problems but are ideal for people who wish to fix mild cases of misaligned teeth without feeling uncomfortable in social situations.

Patients who choose to have Invisalign in West Malling, should be aware that a thorough brushing and flossing must follow any food consumption to guarantee that the aligners will last longer and function properly. Moreover, Invisalign aligners need to be worn by patients at least 22 hours per day in order to ensure the best treatment possible. Failing to comply can result in treatment delays.