Injured construction worker who just fell from a ladder on a construction job
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Making Workplaces Less Prone to Slips, Trips and Falls

December 12, 2017

Slips, trips and falls are amongst the most common types of workplace (and residential) hazards, resulting in thousands of cases of injuries every year. Whilst they often lead to minor and major injuries, some cases […]

Water pipe lines
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How Perth managed to solve its water supply crisis

November 25, 2017

A growing population in Australia, particularly in capital cities, has highlighted the need to find other sources of drinking water aside from rainfall. In Sydney, for instance, the population would continue to increase, and it […]

Plow in the field
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3 Basic Farm Equipment That Every Farmer Must Have

October 25, 2017

Whether you deal in large or small-scale farming, there are many heavy farm machines your day-to-day operations will likely need. Thanks to technological advancements, the machinery available today are powerful, enabling farmers to improve their […]

Living room with fancy furniture
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A Guide to Choosing Furniture

October 13, 2017

Shopping for furniture can be a very rewarding experience for those finishing up their homes. It’s a very personal task, which will allow you to add the final touches to your new home. Before hitting […]

Fuel gauge
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4 Ways to Make a Long Road Trip an Enjoyable One

October 11, 2017

Even with the many entertainment options we have, nothing still beats the road trip as a way of getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That said, a road trip may still need a lot of preparation for […]

Workers working on a concrete floor
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Different Types of Admixtures and their Uses

September 16, 2017

Apart from aggregate, water, and cement, there are other building supplies here in Australia you can add to concrete before or during the process of mixing. These materials, popularly known as admixtures, are for altering […]