Challenges and Rewards of Franchise Marketing

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Advertising a franchise business comes with many challenges, but all the rewards make it a worthwhile venture. This effort’s main objectives are to build a solid brand and attract customers. When it comes to building a strong brand, the franchisors and all franchisees should work together in sending a consistent message to current and prospective clients. For this reason, franchisors devise strategies on marketing franchise and set rules on the use of their trademarks.

The challenges

A recent study showed that the public expresses an emerging sense of localism, which pushes marketers to prioritize this in their campaigns to convey a level of genuineness. Marketing was not as complex before – when franchisors could develop an ad and collateral at regional and national franchise level. This old strategy allows assets to benefit individual franchisees in their local markets.

However, the growing inclination toward hyper-local advertising is forcing franchisors to find specific ways that appeal to each franchisee’s demographic. Because of this, the spending for local marketing is estimated to be over $17 billion over the next four years.

The good news

Franchisors need not worry about meeting the demand for localization in multiple markets, as the growing dominance of digital advertising  has paved a way to make this feat manageable. Creating multi-market campaigns is now easier thanks to new models and resources such as digital ads and websites. Assets can also be tweaked and reused to cater to multiple markets.

Another effective strategy is to keep an online business directory information of every one of your locations. Your websites should also appear well on Google Maps, optimized for search, and has fresh, relevant content.

When boosted, franchise marketing can provide an impressive return on investment. Gear your efforts toward localization to maintain brand integrity and encourage customers in each locale to make a purchase.

Trends and Challenges That Franchise Marketers Face

Recent changes in consumer behavior and the introduction of digital media are challenging the way franchisors market their business. Find out how to navigate through these evolving trends.