Choose Your Braces in North London

Girl with bracesDentists are reporting an upsurge in the number of adults who are seeking treatment for straighter teeth with braces. In North London, it is a similar picture as it is in the USA, where as many as 50% of people seeking treatment are adults. Adults have different requirements for braces than children.

One of the most important concerns for adults who want braces in North London is that the appliance doesn’t dominate their mouths, making it hard to speak clearly, or making them an object of unwanted interest. Discretion is the most sought after requirement from braces. Speed is also very important. Adults don’t want to spend years getting their teeth straightened. Fortunately, there are now several systems available from dentists in North London, such Denchic Dental Spa. As competition is fierce for these private treatments, some dentists offer special lures, such as free teeth whitening at the end of treatment, or free consultations. All treatments require some form of retainer to keep the teeth in place after treatment.

Six Month Smiles

This is a fixed bracket and wire system, but its use of smaller, clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires makes it much more discreet. It only treats the front teeth, the ones most on view when talking, and cannot be used for back teeth or to fix bite issues. Because of this, it can use much gentler forces and treatment times are, on average, only 6 months.

Inman Aligner

It’s even quicker to treat just the front 2 teeth with the Inman Aligner, taking between just 6and 16 weeks. This is a removable appliance that uses two aligner bows, one in front of the teeth and one behind, that are spring-loaded to create pressure. The aligner doubles as a retainer, saving even more money.


A succession of 3D printed 0.3millimetre thick mouth guard style trays fit snugly over the teeth. Each one is deliberately ill-fitting with the pressure pin-pointed to move the teeth. Each aligner takes about 2 weeks to do its work. Patients wear 12–48 aligners over the course of the treatment, which takes, on average, a year to complete.