Common Uses of Black Iron Pipes for Your Home

 Iron pipes piled upMaking sure that you are living in a house that is safe for you and your family is important. By this time, you have an idea what part of your house is secure and what part needs fixing or reinforcement. Have you checked your piping lately? You may want to consider using black iron pipes for them.

If you have a problem with your piping, a supplier of black iron pipes in the Philippines can definitely help you with that.

Here are the uses of black iron pipes for your guidance:

Use for Propane Lines

You call the pipeline between the tank of the gas and your house the propane line. You use black iron for the pipe thread because of its heat-resistant properties.

Also, another property of black iron pipes is its capacity for thermal expansion. It is the expansion of an object outward when the molecules move faster as you increase the temperature around. It has a thermal expansion of 6.7.

Use for Water Pipes

Since the black iron pipe is water resistant as well, it is always been a common choice in making your water pipes. You have to remember that there is a big difference between steel pipes and black iron pipes because the latter costs less and you can use it effectively if maintained correctly.

Use for Heating

One of the most common uses of the black iron pipes is for the heating system of your house. You can use it to transport heat because of its unique property of being a good heat conductor. The black iron pipe has a thermal conductivity ranging from 26K up to 37.5K, which means it could transfer heat well.

Your house piping may not be the most common thing you want to see, however, learning the different uses of the black iron pipes could be of good use in the future.