Crime Prevention: Ways You Can Protect Yourself and Your Property

Crime scene sign

More than 400,000 individuals in New Zealand became victims of crime from July of 2014 to the end of 2016. Auckland central west, in particular, recorded 5,976 crime incidents, making it one of the most notorious neighbourhoods in the country.

There is no way of stopping people from thinking of harming others, but there are plenty of ways you can respond to keep you, your loved ones and even your properties safe.

Secure your business

If you have a business in Auckland, invest in security doors provided by security experts such as All Steel Security to prevent unwanted access from intruders. They double the protection of your property as compared with regular doors because they are heavy-duty, which means they cannot be damaged easily. Manufacturers also design them with safety in mind, so you do not have to worry about corrosion or possible perforation.

Secure your home

You can also use security doors for your home and customise them according to your house design. Apart from adding such features, never forget practical home security measures such as locking your doors and windows and keeping your yard well lit. It is also best to come up with a plan and be aware of emergency numbers in case of unforeseen events. Keep emergency lights, flashlights, tactical whistles and even fire extinguishers within reach.

Secure yourself

Crimes can also happen on the streets without your knowing and one of the best ways to prevent it is to learn self-defence. Krav Maga, a combination of street fighting and self-defence developed for the Israeli security force, is one martial art you can learn to counter street attacks without warning. But as they say, the best Krav Maga defence is no Krav Maga, so try to avoid ill-lit and sketchy areas as much as possible.