Different Types of Admixtures and their Uses

Workers working on a concrete floor

Apart from aggregate, water, and cement, there are other building supplies here in Australia you can add to concrete before or during the process of mixing. These materials, popularly known as admixtures, are for altering the properties of concrete such as curing temperature range, work ability, and other things.

Using admixtures can help reduce the cost of construction, ensure the quality of concrete during mixing, placing or curing, alter the properties of hardened concrete, and overcome certain emergencies when handling concrete projects. Here are several types of admixtures available on the market today.

Water reducers

Reducing the water cement ratio is the most significant factor in making high-quality and durable concrete. Water reducing admixtures minimise the amount of mixing water needed to obtain a given slump. Water reducers also improve the plastic and hardened properties of concrete.

Air-entraining admixtures

Entraining air in the concrete increases its resistance to freeze-thaw degradation. Other benefits include improved compaction in low-work ability mixes and increased cohesion.


Also commonly referred to as plasticisers, these are chemical admixtures, which people use in places where you need a well-dispersed suspension. They are simply high-range water reducers.

They can help maintain a particular work ability and consistency at a substantially reduced amount of water and produce a high strength concrete.

Retarding admixtures

These are chemicals designed to slow down the hydration process and in turn, slow the initial setting time. Slowing the setting time allows the concrete mixture to stay in its fresh state for longer.

People use retarding admixtures in hot weather conditions to help overcome the effects of higher temperatures.

Bonding admixtures

They include the addition of different materials and compounds such as acetates, acrylics polyvinyl chloride, and butadiene-styrene copolymers. These admixtures can be used to aid in the bonding of fresh concrete with old or already set concrete. They enhance the bonding properties of concrete.

There are admixtures available whose functions include shrinkage reduction, acceleration, damp proofing, and colouring. Depending on the requirement, it is crucial that you obtain all your admixtures from a reputable company capable of supplying quality building supplies.