Guide on Making Livestock Farming Efficient

A man feeding cows in a livestock farm

Livestock farming is a rewarding passion-driven field to be in. It teaches you many ways to be self-sufficient and sustainable while producing animal products and by-products for consumers. While this industry comes with many profit opportunities, sometimes, it comes with a struggle to cut down costs. Thus, to put a solution to this, we’ll teach you ways you can do livestock farming more efficiently.

  • Set up an ‘upcycled’ shelter for animals and products.

Building a shelter from scratch can take up a big portion of your farming investment. But with upcycled shelter solutions such as container sheds in Australia, you can save heaps and spend them on future farm developments!

There are many ways you can utilise shipping containers as a farm shelter alternative. You can use it as a centre support for an open shed. You can also use a couple of shipping containers to house different kinds of animals and store animal products.

With this alternative, there’s no need for you to spend lots of effort, time, and money to build farm sheds. All you have to do is to purchase used shipping containers and tweak them according to your needs, and your shelters are set.

Takeaway tip: Make sure your container shed is well-insulated for hot or cold climate conditions to keep animals and products safe.

  • Add by-product feedstuffs in your livestock’s diet.

Your animals need food many times during the day, every day—that’s an expense you can never cut off. However, there’s a way around this to spend less on livestock food, and that is by adding by-product feedstuffs into their diet.

This type of feeds comes from by-products of processed wheat, corn, and soy that sometimes end up as production waste. Thus, they are substantially cheaper compared to regular traditional feeds. Moreover, by-product feeds can also provide proper nutrition to your livestock. Just ask for a nutrient analysis for the by-product feeds from your supplier to decipher what nutrients the feeds contain, and how much of it you should add to your livestock’s diet.

These ways are enough to equip you for your journey toward efficient and cost-effective livestock farming. For farm shelter solutions, contact experts who can design container sheds according to your needs and demands.