How Convex Mirrors Work and Their Practical Uses

roller shutter door in warehouse building

You can find curved mirrors in many places — at retail shops, in the workplace, and on street corners to give a fisheye view of the surroundings. These are convex security mirrors, designed with safety in mind.

For department store owners, industry experts RMS Shopfitting recommend installing security mirrors because they provide an outstanding vantage point into places that are hard to see, whether it’s behind or around the corners of shop aisles.

How It Works

Convex mirrors come in various types and shapes. Some are like contact lenses and allow a wider field of view than a regular flat mirror. Dome shapes and half spheres are also available, which provides even better vision. This is due to the way light bounces off them. In a flat mirror, light reflects in only one direction, whereas in rounded mirrors, it bounces from many angles.

They work in a similar way as your eyeballs, wherein you can view out of the corner of your eyes instead of just straight ahead. Security mirrors are important in workplaces and stores to increase visibility and improve response to accidents and threats.

Theft Prevention

You often spot large, dome-shaped safety mirrors in petrol stations and retail shops. Their purpose is to provide the work personnel with a clear view of the entire area. Convex mirrors reveal any suspicious activity and notify the clerks of would-be shoplifters as they take items off the shelves and hide them.

Protection from Accidents

When repairs are being done in an area, especially those that require heavy machinery, a convex mirror can warn any incoming traffic to avoid injury. It lets a person know to be careful when entering a blind spot.

Installing security mirrors offer wide vision and a variety of practical uses. Business owners should utilise them in their shops to improve safety and visibility.