How Does HDPE Compare with Other Types of Materials for Pipe Fitting?

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The construction boom, the growth of industries, and the need for innovation and competitiveness are just some of the reasons for the demand for rural poly compression pipe fittings in Australia.

One of the best materials to use for compression pipe fitting is HDPE. It stands for high-density polyethene (HDPE). It is lightweight yet durable. It also acts as an alternative to heavier types of materials such as metal (e.g., steel). It can also last for a long time, partly due to its ability to resist corrosion.

HDPE, however, is not the only material used to make these fittings. Comparing it with the others can help you decide if HDPE is the right one for your project:


Both of them are thermoplastics. In the plastic world, this means they are more environment-friendly. You can remould or recast them as many times as you like. PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride, is much cheaper than HDPE. It is also just as durable as HDPE.

Perhaps the advantage of HDPE is its ability to absorb shock waves, which makes it much better to use underground. It can also withstand much higher temperature, so it’s more suitable in gas-related environments. Moreover, it has thicker walls so that it can handle sudden and strong changes in pressure.

HDPE vs Polypropylene

Also known as polypropene, polypropylene is also a type of thermoplastic. Both HDPE and this are used in almost the same industries or applications. However, there are major differences. One is the strength-to-density ratio. HDPE has a higher number, which means it is more rigid and has a higher tensile strength. Polypropylene is better for projects that involve lower weights.

HDPE is more likely to resist a long list of chemicals and solvents. It can create a barrier to prevent these substances from leaking.

When it comes to pipe fittings, HDPE tends to provide the best value for money. Nevertheless, for more routine projects, the other two may still be a wise alternative.