How Stillage Cage Can Help Increase Your Clientele

a standard logistics wire mash crate of steel

Ensuring the safety of products and merchandises and keeping them intact from storage to delivery are key priorities for every logistics provider. A safe and secured storage system is essential to making your clients happy.

By using stillage cage, you can be sure that your products are safely stored and can be transported securely. Here are the benefits of using stillage cages in handling merchandises and deliverables:

Safer merchandise

A stillage cage is designed to hold any product or merchandise securely. With its steel foundation and sidings, it locks down anything placed inside it, making sure it won’t be subjected to unnecessary, unsupervised movements. This effectively eliminates any untoward incident that may result in damaged or broken goods.

Safe stocking

Stillage cages come in different forms depending on how the product needs to be stored. But more importantly, stillage cages are designed so that each cage can be securely placed vertically without the fear of getting the bottom section squashed. With little to almost no wastage, clients become more confident in your ability to store products safely, which could mean more business.

More storage space

Depending on the height of your delivery truck or storage room, you can maximise the potential of stocking these steel stillage cage vertically. The higher it goes, the more rooms to place more products, the more transaction you get.

Easy access and handling

Aside from its security features, stillage cages are also designed so that it can be easily handled and lifted by forklift machines. Forklift handles are ideally located on the lower side of the cages where the weight is level, and the forks won’t be able to touch the products.

So if you plan to increase your operations, make sure you have the right storage equipment. Invest, upgrade and acquire steel pallet or stillage cage only from a trusted manufacturer. Ensure the safety of the merchandises and your clientele will surely grow.