Laser Cutters for New Metal Fabricators

laser machine cutting metal plate

New metal fabricating businesses will obviously need cutting systems, but what cutting system should you get? You can choose between a stamping press, a turret punch press, a plasma system, or an abrasive waterjet cutter.

For the best cutting speeds, however, you can turn to laser cutters.

You Can Cut and Engrave

With a high-powered laser beam, and a computer controlling the beam, laser cutters can cut through all sorts of material including metal, wood, and stone. A laser cutter can also work as a laser engraver and vice versa, expanding your fabrication capabilities.

You can then buy laser engraving machine and have the cutting as a secondary feature, or you can purchase a mainly cutting machine with the engraving as the secondary.

Skip Special Training

You also eliminate the need for special training when you use a laser cutter. Laser cutters come with computers that do the cutting work. You simply need to input the dimensions or the shape of the order, and the computer will take care of the rest.

Pick Lasers in Two Formats

Now, when you order a laser cutter, you can order two different machines in two separate formats. One can be in a gantry format, and the other in a galvanometer system. The gantry system works slower than the galvanometer and is perfect for prototyping.

The galvanometer, on the other hand, can then be used for the actual metal fabrication.

Choose Between Laser Types

Aside from the formats, you also have to choose between two types of laser cutters: CO2 or fiber. Your choice will depend on what you need and want for your business. CO2 lasers still work best in some applications like ones that have thicker materials that need great edge quality.

Fiber, on the other hand, works faster, costs less in maintenance, and can cut through reflective materials like brass or copper.

A laser cutter can be the right cutting system for your new metal fabrication business. Considering the points above, you may be able to profit more and gain more work with a fast, accurate, and powerful laser cutter.