Making Teeth Last Longer

Girl with braces

Modern dentistry is very much focused on getting teeth to last as long as possible, preferably for life. One important way to extend this is to make sure that the teeth are sitting, untwisted, in an orderly arch along the jawbone, and the best way to do is with braces in St John’s Wood.

There is a huge variety of braces in St John’s Wood and they are available from various dental practices, one of which is Aura Dental. People with mild to moderate bite issues may be able to get braces from their general dentist, but for such an important issue it is worth having a consultation with a dentist who has received postgraduate training in the particular branch of dentistry that focuses on teeth and bite straightening.

Evenly distributed forces

When the teeth are well aligned along the jaw, and the jaws meet together properly, the powerful forces that are employed to chew food are evenly distributed across all the teeth. When only a few teeth are bearing the brunt of these forces, they can wear out and crumble away in later life, especially if the person is a nighttime tooth grinder. Uneven distribution also leads to pain in the jaw, neck, shoulders and head.

Ease of cleaning

As well as crumbling, the two main causes of tooth failure are decay and gum disease, both of which are caused by plaque. This is the sticky film that builds up on the teeth. It is made up of bacteria that proliferate and give off acids as they feed on sugars in the mouth. The acid eats through tooth enamel, allowing decay-causing bacteria to enter the dentin. Gum disease is caused by the acid attacking the gums, and then later, the bone underneath, loosening the teeth and causing them to fall out.

Braces in St John’s Wood play an important role in preventing all the above issues. Having a great smile is also very important for self-confidence, happiness levels and social interaction. Many dentists offer payment plans to spread the cost of braces over the course of the treatment.