Meeting API Standards When Having Storage Tanks Fabricated

Aboveground storage tanks

At the heart of every safe facility containing dangerous or toxic substances is top-notch above-ground storage tanks. Whether designed to hold gas, oil, or any other liquid that has the potential of causing catastrophic human and environmental hazards, these tanks need to have what it takes to withstand elements and keep their contents within.

This alone is why your facility’s storage solutions should meet the appropriate American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard. Heartland Tank Services and other experts explain this in more detail:

The API Standard to follow

Above-ground welded steel storage tanks play major roles in various industrial applications, from the oil and gas to manufacturing and production. In many states across the country, the law requires organizations that use such containers to ensure that their tank manufacturers followed the correct fabricating standards. In most cases, this means the API 650 standard.

Keep in mind, though, that a number of other standards exist, such as the API 620, API 653, and API 12D. It’s best that you work with an experienced tank fabricating company, as they have the knowledge and expertise on which of these regulations to follow when constructing what you need.

Implementation even when not state-mandated

There are parts of the country where the state government doesn’t require the implementation of these API standards. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. Remember that your facility holds tons of substances that can leak into the environment and cause major disasters affecting human and environmental health. The possibility of this happening should be enough to make you invest in tanks that satisfy the appropriate API standard.

Don’t take the risk of suffering from major losses due to poorly constructed above-ground storage tanks. Take the initiative to work with tank fabricators who understand the importance of safe containment, whether or not your state government mandates you to do so.