Odds and Ends: Easy Ways to Repurpose Mouldings

display wood moulding

Adding decorative are a great way to finish off a room. They lend a decorative touch to an otherwise plain wall and can even draw attention to a room’s key architectural features. If you attached the mouldings yourself, you may end up dealing with some extra or excess materials.
Here are some ways you can use them:

Display Shelving

Decorative wooden mouldings make a great decorative statement when used to display small framed photographs or even small figures to help liven up the room.

Book Storage for Narrow Spaces

When you have limited space, it’s important to maximize every available inch. Mouldings can be used as a bookshelf, either on their own or with a little bit of extra material added to create a stable surface. The sizes they can accommodate will vary depending on the moulding you have. The best part is they can be placed in awkward spots like the unused space behind a door.

Turn Your TV into a Piece of Art

If you have a large flat screen TV, you can give it a little artistic touch by framing it using leftover crown mouldings. Just make sure there’s enough space for air circulation between the unit and the frame to ensure that your TV does not overheat.

Make a Fancy Shoe Rack

Proud of your shoes and want everyone to see them? Why not hang them on the wall using some bits of moulding? Most shoes, especially those with heels, can be hung off wooden mouldings. It’s a fun, artsy, and functional way to put your shoes on display.

Dress Up Your Coat Rack

If you already have a coat rack, you can use the crown moulding to make it look better. Alternatively, you can add hooks to a piece of moulding and hang that up for an easy DIY coat rack.

Remember that you’re not limited to the width of the moulding you already have. You can make the mouldings as wide as you need it to be by attaching them to each other, either via an extra piece of wood or by gluing or nailing them directly to each other.