Schools: Shade Against the Sun, Shelter Against the Rain

School covered walkway for students

All educational institutions should prioritise the safety and security of their students and staff members. Thus, they install quality security devices, including CCTV cameras, smoke and fire alarms, sprinkler systems, earthquake and flood alarms, and burglar alarms.

However, because they place a majority of the focus on these systems, many schools often overlook the importance of setting up weather protection. This is a safety issue that all types of schools, whether public or private, junior school or college should never disregard.

Protection against all forms of weather, even during sunny, warm days, should always make it to the top priority list of educators.

Shading against the sun

In many parts of the United Kingdom, temperatures can quickly reach uncomfortable, even health-concerning levels during the summer season. It is vital that schools offer an oasis for everyone who comes in and out of the school property.

One way to provide adequate shading against the sun is through the installation of a covered walkway system. Walkway covers set up in strategic places throughout the school can provide much-needed relief from the harmful rays and extremely uncomfortable heat of the sun.

These covered areas play important protecting students and staff, especially since they walk a lot during the day.

Ideal for various locations

Covered walkways are excellent weather protection systems for numerous areas around the school. They serve as a shelter against the sun and inclement weather from one building to another. Schools should also invest in walkway covers that connect a structure to the school bus or carpool waiting area.

Playgrounds and other outdoor spaces where students and staff spend a lot of time at should also have these protective systems.

All in all, keeping students and staff members cool and comfortable is one key to productivity, but more importantly, reducing incidents of health-related problems always takes precedence. With covered walkways in place, educators can make their schools safer and secure for everyone.