Space and Safety: How Adding Mezzanines or Walkovers Can Benefit Your Warehouse


Supervising a workplace is a hands-on task. You have to be actually there to check on the status of the employees and the machinery they are working with. Operations done inside a large place, such as a warehouse or factory, have huge pieces of equipment and numerous workers inside.

In such a scenario, space and safety would be concerns for you. These solutions can help you get started.

Using Mezzanine Floors for Extra Space

Experts from ADEX Group will agree that mezzanine floors are great solutions to cramped workspaces. Instead of having everything on the ground floor of a warehouse, you can utilise the space above by building a raised platform or mezzanine.

This extra floor doubles your space in the same location. It is even better if the mezzanine floor is dismountable so that you could bring it with you in case you have to move your operations to a new workplace.

Installing Walkovers Above Equipment

Sometimes it cannot be helped that huge machinery, such as conveyor belts and tanks, have to be installed in the middle of a factory. This does not mean that it should be an obstruction though because you can install walkovers on these huge pieces of machinery or equipment.

Walkovers are like elevated pedestrian lanes which you can use to walk around the factory without having to step over the machinery.

Stair Ladders

Stair ladders allow you to safely navigate in confined spaces of a factory as opposed to the typical staircase. It is because they are as small as ladders, but are designed with handrails for safety.

You can maximise space in a warehouse or factory buy adding mezzanine floors, walkovers, or stair ladders. With the added space, you can ensure more safety because the workplace is not cramped anymore. Once you invest in space and safety, your operations will have more speed and efficiency.