Switch To A Chemical-Free Cooling Tower And Save Money

Cooling Towers

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your equipment operational and maximize on your profits. An industry with frequent mechanical breakdown reduces its productivity thus reducing its profit margins. Maintaining your equipment makes them efficient and durable.

A chemical-free cooling tower increases operational efficiency and increases the lifespan of your equipment, thus saving you money. It also boosts the efficiency of your equipment by providing a clean heat transfer services thereby reducing your energy bills.

Since it poses no harm to the environment, such a cooling tower eliminates environmental and license fees associated with handling dangerous chemicals. With the help of credible cooling tower water treatment services from providers like superiorwaterconditioners.com, you can also save on sewerage fees and manage your waste effectively.

Escape the bacteria problem

Cooling towers are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The inside of towers is moist, warm and sunlight environment foster prolific bacteria growth. The inside of chillers also provides a suitable growth environment for molds and bacteria. Accumulation of bacteria in the cooling towers produces a scale substance that reduces your chillers efficiency and damages its steel components.

Cooling towers water treatment systems have three options to control the growth of algae and bacteria. They include ozone systems, ultraviolet systems, and copper-silver system which regulate the time and release of copper ions in the water. This practice prevents the growth of different bacteria keeping your cooling tower efficient and durable.

Lower maintenance costs

While chemical cooling water treatment offers a ready solution, they’re coming under increasing regulatory pressure. You would have to contend with aggressive laws that relate to the chemical use and handling as authorities seek to protect the environment. It means that you must incur hefty costs training employees to handle, store, and dispose of the chemicals.

On the other hand, a chemical-free tower is devoid of such problems in addition to reducing both water and energy consumption. Re-using your blow down water saves you extra costs that come with having a sewerage company dispose of your waste. Blowdown water helps keep your equipment free of scale, corrosion, and bacteria thus increasing its efficiency with less energy consumption.

Chemical free cooling water tower provides reliable and sustainable water treatment for your company. It also helps you to provide a safe environment for your staff by avoiding hazardous chemicals to treat your industrial water.