flooding due to extreme weather

Things to Protect during Extreme Weather

October 5, 2018

Nature can be a harsh, unrelenting force, as evidenced by outdoor elements. During heat waves or hurricanes, residents are expected to stay indoors until the bad weather subsides. Not doing so can result in property […]

Elderly woman sitting on a couch
Point of Views

The Importance of Grab Bars for the Elderly

August 14, 2018

A huge percentage of accidents concerning the elderly happens in the bathroom. Slipping and tripping are among them. Aside from the fact that bathrooms are often slippery and wet, which makes it accident prone, the […]

rain water being stored
Talking Points

How to Store Rainwater Properly

February 14, 2018

In some parts of Australia, collecting rainwater is a necessity to have an adequate water supply for plants and livestock. For rural areas, the farmers have the luxury of putting up as many rainwater tanks […]