Techniques Used to Customise Floor Mats

Floor mat in a busy public area

The look of your entryways is the first impression your guests have of your business and home. A doormat is not only the first line of protection from debris, wet boots and muddy shoes but it is also the top option to protect your floor.

Custom doormats made to suit your entryway is an excellent way to beautify your foyer. Here are a few ways to customise doormats.


The days when you have to settle for square or rectangular mats are long gone. There is a wide variety of circular, semicircular and triangular mats to choose from. You can tailor circular mats to fit in the frames around revolving doors.

Before settling on a shape, you need to ensure the shape still serves the purpose of your mat. People should take as many steps as possible on the mat to remove dirt and water.


Logo floor mats are becoming increasingly popular. You can print these mats with your business logo, family name or a welcome message for your guests. You can have a logo printed on your indoor, outdoor and anti-fatigue mats. Custom logo mats are the excellent option for company branding.

Features and Accessories

It is best to invest in a mat with safety edges, also referred to as bevelled edges. These rounded mat sides are suitable for mats that are frequently rolled over. They also reduce tripping. You can also get grease resistant mats in areas of heavily exposed to oil like kitchens. Moulded rubber tread patterns make your mat slip resistant and durable.

Ensure the size of your doormat fits with your door. Consider a mat that covers at least 80% of your doorway. The height should also be appropriate to avoid the mat getting stuck each time you open the door.

It is also important to keep your entrance mat clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a hose for cleaning depending on the type of mat.