The 4 Best Things You Can Do to Boost Safety During Harvest Season

The harvest system is an exciting time, especially when the yield is bountiful. All your hard work and investment has finally paid off, and it’s now time to reap the bumper yield.

But, it’s also very important to stay safe, keeping in mind that you’re going to be operating powerful machinery that increases the risk of farm-related injury. Here are four tips from

1. Check your tools and equipment.

Agriculture equipment plays a central role in harvesting. Find and organise all the tools you’ll need early enough. Now’s the time to immediately service any equipment that needs repair and maintenance to prevent accidents from occurring.

Consider buying any additional equipment, first aid kits and safety clothing you may need too.

2. Avoid fatigue.

Many farmers work long hours, looking to finish harvesting within a short time. Keep in mind that fatigue can impair your mental state in the same way intoxication can. If you are operating machinery, working when overtired exposes you to danger. Never sacrifice your safety for anything.

3. Work during the day.

The importance of visibility when it comes to harvesting cannot be stressed enough. That’s why, to the greatest extent possible, you need to work while the sun is still up.

Once darkness starts to fall, know that you are putting yourself at a higher risk of injury. But if you really must work at night, ensure there’s adequate lighting, so you see what you are doing.

4. Eat well and hydrate.

You are doing a lot of hard work, and sometimes it’s easy to be too in the zone that you forget all about eating and drinking enough water. But, hypoglycemia and dehydration can be extremely dangerous. As such, set aside specific times during the say to eat nutritious meals and drink enough water.

The harvest season does not have to be a dangerous period for you and your team. With the proper precautionary measures, you can keep everyone safe and happy in the field.