The 5 Common Types of Metal Fabrication

steel pipes

Metals are one of the most durable and malleable materials found on the planet. It can be as hard as a building pillar or as soft as an aluminum foil. Metal, as a product, is maximized to its potential use partly because of tools and methods that are used to achieve the end result.

Metal fabrication shops in Edmonton have different fabrication methods depending on your needs. Below are some of the most common procedures done to give you the end product that you need:


This is one of the most common metal fabrication procedures. Like paper, metal can be cut into different shapes and sizes. Instead of scissors, a saw, plasma torch, or laser are used to get the job done.


This method is kind of similar to cutting. The difference, however, lies in the end result. Metal shearing produces metal pieces that are longer than cut ones. Think of a paper cutter that makes a long cut on papers. Except for this time, the end product is metal.


Circle, square, triangle, bear head, or heart. Name your shape and it can be punched through a metal sheet through the punching process. This procedure involves creating the desired shape and size in the metal sheet.


Two or even three-dimensional products can be created with the use of a press brake. This method is known as folding. Think of folding origami pieces, but with metal pieces.


A glue is needed to bind two pieces of paper together. In metal fabrication, this process is called welding. Two different metal pieces can be joined together with the use of high temperature.

Knowing the various metal fabrication methods can help you better understand which type is the best for your needs.