The Benefits of Louvre Windows in Improving Kids’ Learning in School

Image of louvre windows

All parents want the best for their kids, and that goes the same for you. You want them to learn good manners, be friendlier, stay in good health, and do great in their studies. At the moment, there aren’t any studies detailing how you can improve your kids’ manners or teach them to be friendlier.

Fortunately, there are studies that showed how it’s likely to enhance school performance and lower the incidence of getting sick. Researchers revealed that these are achievable by simply opening the school windows, usually made by louvre suppliers and manufacturers like CVS Equipment, to get some fresher air.

Enhanced Learning Results

A 2006 research revealed that kids studying in classrooms that have better outdoor air ventilation will get higher scores on standardised exams in reading and math. This is in comparison to kids who learn in classrooms that are poorly ventilated.

Research issued in 1999 and 2002 showed that kids do school work faster as ventilation rates rise. Besides, the performance of adults, school staff and teachers also displayed some improvement with greater ventilation rates.

Moreover, a study published in 2005 concerning 10-year-old kids presented progress in their performance in schoolwork when the ventilation rates increased. The said assignments represent eight varied facets of school tasks, from mathematics to reading.

Improved Health

Germans who studied numerous buildings described a 33% decrease in reported headaches for those who work in an office building with natural ventilation. They also witnessed a 28% drop in the accounted regularity of head colds in comparison to those working in air-conditioned offices. While this refers to an office, the case is still the same like in any other establishment.

Who would have thought that a simple act of opening up windows could be extremely beneficial for your kids? This way, you’ll appreciate fresh air more, and get to make the most of this useful and free gift from the environment. Even in your own home, you can use this information to help your kids by giving their study room a fresher dose of nature.