Top Reasons to Choose Diesel Engines

a man filling up a car with diesel

Over the past 20 years, diesel technology was unpopular among Americans. The reason behind this is that it’s loud and slow, and it’s a huge air polluter.

But, the tables have turned in recent years, and diesel has surged in popularity among heavy equipment manufacturers and automakers that are looking for better gas mileage.

As a matter of fact, aluminum die casting companies are designing more and more diesel engines for both cars and heavy equipment now more than ever. So what contributed to this surge in popularity? Here are some of the qualities of a diesel engine that might influence your next car purchase.

Fuel Efficiency

Although the diesel fuel is more expensive than gas, it also burns with 33% more efficiency. The savings can easily add up, and you’d soon find out that it’s pretty impressive. Drivers who are looking to spend less money at the pump find this really advantageous.

Better Highway Driving

If you spend more time on the highway than in the city, you better consider a diesel. The Chevrolet Cruze Diesel, while only rated at 27 mpg in the city, is rated at an exceptional 46 mpg on the highway.

More Power

Drivers looking to feel the power of their vehicle as it accelerates are becoming more and more impressed with diesel. Unlike gas, you don’t need to have a high revolution to attain the best acceleration from the stop with diesel. If you want to be the first to speed away from the traffic light, consider diesel.

More Reliable

Although this can be a bit subjective and the experience mostly based on diesel power plants in the past, a lot of people believe that diesel engines are more reliable than gas engines.

The ever-increasing efficiency of diesel engines has greatly contributed to its popularity. No longer is it look upon as the polluter that it was but as a viable choice when choosing a vehicle. Give a diesel-powered vehicle a second look the next time you shop for one.