Typical Applications of Steel Fabrication

Thanks to metal fabrication, manufacturers can now use readily available metal ores to create products and complete architectural structures. Processing these ores prepares it for the next stages, which include cutting, bending, burning, welding, and assembling the end products. Welding shops in Edmonton ensure that the products they offer are of the highest quality.

By taking a closer look at the various applications that use steel fabricated products, you will have a glimpse of how these items play a critical role in helping these sectors of the economy meet industry standards. Here are three of the most common applications:


The building and construction industry prefers using fabricated steel structures over products from others metal types. Typically, that is because steel is light yet sturdy. With proper galvanizing, steel products even become highly rust-resistant. This will ensure that your structures are highly durable.

Aircraft Manufacturing

Aerospace engineering has been using steel fabricated products to manufacture both commercial and military aircraft and spacecraft. Such flights may consume more fuel than those from aluminum and composite materials, but steel aircraft have quite a durable structure.

Energy Sector

Energy regulatory companies depend on precisely engineered products to ensure that they optimize power generation. Most of these are highly galvanized steel fabricated products such as pipelines, turbine components, transmission towers, electromagnets, electromagnetic shields, and transformer cores.

Steel fabrication is such a primary contributor to the success of industries that fabricating shops take it upon themselves to develop products that meet industry standards in various markets. Make sure your fabricator follows the best practices that will ensure you get high-quality steel products that will serve you longer. With this, you can be sure to achieve your business goals.