Using Pallet Stillages to Manage Inventory

Pallet Stillage

Inventory of any kind, whether in the raw material stage or finished products, has to be easy to access. Many companies offer pallet stillages and specialised storage solutions based on industry needs. Furthermore, pallet systems help to organise operations. Being organised helps businesses in a lot of ways like increasing profits and reducing workplace accidents.

Types of Available Pallet Stillage Systems

The range of pallet stillages available on the market is not only diverse but also for multiple applications. A list of the available pallets/cages are:

  • Collapsible metal base pallets
  • Collapsible mesh storage
  • Knockdown metal base pallets
  • Timber based pallets
  • Transport and storage boxes, suitable for all types of weather
  • Storage and logistics cages
  • Retainers
  • Drum pallets
  • Post and pipe stillage cages
  • Steel and plastic pallets
  • Collapsible storage and transport cages

Pallet stillages can be used to store items such as rolls of carpets, tyres, scrap metal, chemicals and display equipment to name a few. Manufacturers offer sturdy and long-lasting equipment made from steel and coated with enamel paint to ensure longevity.

Pallet Design

Form and function come to mind when designing pallet stillages. Some companies build customised pallets based on customer needs. The idea is to offer the best possible storage while ensuring that the product is user-friendly and that it minimises workplace hazards. Parameters accounted for during the manufacturing process are:

  • Dimensions
  • Required size
  • Weight capacity
  • Built-in gates
  • Solid or mesh sides
  • Stacking or non-stacking
  • Colour

The general idea is to offer affordable and durable products configurable for use based on available space. Product quality is adhered to every step of the way during the pallet construction process. You can even streamline products that constantly move in a retail space or warehouse with the use of the right pallet stillages.