Ways to Give Your Home a Modern Twist

Modern home interior

Before, home interiors should be flashy and opulent to be considered beautiful and functional. But gone are the days when these designs are the benchmark of beauty. With the shift in design and function, many designers and architects realise that sometimes, true beauty lies in simplicity and minimalism. And that is the advent of modern design.

Modern design highlights the function of the space. If you are looking for ways to give your house a modern flair, this article will serve as your simple guide.

Give It an Industrial Look

You can go for industrial themes that will give your space some edgy vibe. This is characterised by intentionally distressed or bare walls and repurposed furnishings (sometimes in the form of car chair used as an armchair). The fusion of metal and wood is always favoured, so you may want to combine copper with interior plywood.

Borrow from Scandinavian Aesthetics

Scandinavian aesthetics is characterised by muted colours and function of the space. As such, you will need utilitarian fixtures that are not only good-looking but also designed to serve more than one purpose—a bed with a bookshelf, for instance. You can also go for wooden floorboards complemented with muted pastel colours and topped with warm curtains.

Consider Japanese Zen

Minimalism, according to Eastern aesthetic principles, helps highlight the beauty of a space. Japanese Zen is something you may consider if you want to make your room clean and free of clutter. The incorporation of nature-based components, such as bonsais, rock garden, and bamboo fountain, may also help.

These are only three of the ways to give your home some modern flair. Do not forget to incorporate your personal aesthetics.