What Can You Get From Using Press Fit Fittings For Your Home?

Man tightening a press fitting

Press fittings are a new method to set up your piping system’s mechanical connections. Whist the hydraulic technology is still new, its water-resistant properties make it ideal for residential applications. In other words, it can be considered as an innovative way to leak-proof your home.

Here is how you can benefit from using high-quality press fit fittings:

Safe to Use

In general, a press fitting is safe to use. It is made with no hazardous substances. In the unlikely event that it breaks apart, it will cause no harm to people and the piping system. This cannot be said of other fitting types, such as flame-based fittings.

The fitting offers a solid pipework connection. It can last a long time without degrading or falling apart. Its thin normal wall and lightweight properties allow for a bigger flow area. There is less pressure drop.

Faster to Work with

You can complete jobs faster when using this type of fitting. You can do the same type of work three times faster than when working with other pipework systems or metal joining processes, such as brazing. This way, you can ensure minimal disruptions in the normal activities in the household. If you need to close a portion of your home temporarily to give way to the piping, you can reopen it in no time.

Another factor that contributes to faster job completion is the fact that press fittings do not need pipe-end preparation. You can likewise add pipework security by using press fittings. After you bond the metal and brass together, your job is complete.

Residential areas can benefit a lot from using press fittings. With proper installation and maintenance, you can expect the piping system to perform well for many years to come.