What’s Best Colour for Kitchen Designs?

Modern kitchen

When it comes to kitchen designs, the use of simple colours such as black and white can sometimes create a simple yet visually appealing look.

In some cases, a silestone benchtop from Prestige Bench Top Limited can serve as the focal point of your kitchen. It can be functionality as well, since preparing meals should be easier in this part of the house. For the owners of a home in Auckland, however, a chequered floor seemed to be the perfect feature.

Visual Appeal

Celia Visser served as the mastermind for the St Heliers home kitchen’s design. It used different materials in executing a dramatic ambience, without creating an impression that cleaning will be difficult. For instance, the floor’s black and white tiles will make it easier to take care of any mess, partly from a pet dog in the house.

Black stools and cookware added a pleasant contrast to the white cabinets. Visser thought of adding a second sink on the benchtop to provide more flexibility in doing chores. Storage also became more convenient and a space saver as part of the new design, which used vertical pantries instead of the usual ones.

Form and Function

Most people in New Zealand prefer kitchen designs suited to their individual tastes, unlike in Europe and America where kitchen designs are either mass-produced or modular, according to designer Ingrid Geldof.

Part of this reason involves Kiwis’ wide knowledge on cooking, as well as their desire to spend significantly on home improvement, she added. Form and function are some of the important factors, which allows simple tasks like dishwashing to be easier and more pleasant thanks to a good spatial design.


Kitchen designs should not only depend on how you intend to move around in the area but also feature an enticing appearance. By combining functionality with aesthetics, your kitchen can look beautiful without having to be obsessive in maintaining cleanliness.