Work Safety Equipment for the Eyes

Work Safety Concept

There are numerous types of eye protection equipment for specific tasks. These safety gears must be comfortable to wear and easy to clean. More importantly, construction safety gear and equipment should comply with the standards set by the American National Standards Institute.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses need to have sturdy frames made of plastic or metal. Its lenses must be highly resistant to impact, and side protection must be present. Safety glasses must be worn when working with hazardous dry and liquid chemicals, as well as unsealed radioactive materials, whether in liquid or powder form.

Such glasses are also required when involved with soldering or spattering hot metal. The presence of physical hazards such as glass shards, chips, and particles similarly require that one wear safety glasses.

Chemical Splash Goggles

Splash goggles are eye protection that fit and completely cover the eyes, sockets, and the facial area. It aims to offer protection from splashes, dust, and impact. These are best used when working with dangerous chemicals that could pose splash hazard. Samples of these chemicals include cryogenic liquids, highly reactive explosives, and pyrophoric solid and liquid.

Face Shields

Face shields cover the area of the face that includes the eyebrows. It extends to underneath the chin and includes the area across the width of the head. This construction safety equipment aims to protect against dangerous sprays or splashes of hazardous liquids. It could similarly be worn against ultraviolet radiation or any open ultraviolet light source.

Any construction safety equipment must allow unrestricted movement and vision. It must also be highly durable to withstand corrosion, flammability, and chemical reactivity. Make sure that your workplace has all safety equipment for workers who directly deal with hazardous chemicals and metals.